Custom solutions to custom problems.

Near the turn of the 20th Century, Augie Andersen founded a one-man repair shop in Elizabeth, N.J. The entrepreneur specialized in ice-box repair, furnace maintenance, and steel work. After several prosperous years, Mr. Andersen moved his business to the outskirts of Linden Township and officially adopted the name A Andersen Sheet Metal Co. (ASM). Augie stayed at the helm of his business until his son, Kai Christian, took over in 1947.
Kai Christian Andersen served as a captain and flight instructor during World War II. When the conflict ended, he enrolled at Princeton University, but left after two years to take control of his father's company. Under Kai, ASM's manufacturing capability increased, supplying many of the world's top-automobile and consumer brands based in the area at the time with mass-produced goods. Kai serviced these corporate giants until he decided to retire. When it came time for the second generation to pass the baton, the Andersens turned to a family from the neighborhood.
After serving with the Merchant Marines and U.S. Army, Dominick Lentine settled his family in Rahway, N.J. The skilled metal worker had moved in next door to the Andersens. Dom found himself employed at ASM and worked with Kai until purchasing the company in 1980. Dom enlisted the help of his sons, John and Joe, to run the business and Kai stayed on in an advisory role. The company's name was officially changed to Lentine Sheet Metal. However, the company still does business as A Andersen Sheet Metal in recognition of the special relationship between the two families.
John and Joe transformed the business into the custom metal fabrication company that it is today. The Lentines began producing specialized pieces of work catered to individual projects and company needs. John and Joe expanded on the materials ASM works with, the industries it serves, the products it offers, and the facility itself. Emphasizing quality and customer satisfaction, the brothers built a brand that navigated an economic recession in the early 90s and the 2008 Financial Crisis. Nearly 120 years later, the Lentines proudly continue a tradition of producing high-quality, reliable American-made products.​​​​​​​
Baskets | Benches | Bins | Brackets | Bumpers 
Cages | Cart Boxes | Cabinets | Chain Guards | Chutes 
Clips | Column Wraps | Conveyors | Counter Tops | Desks 
Diverter Valves | Door Covers | Drip Pans | Dump Valves | Dust Collectors 
Electrical Enclosures | Handrails | Hangers | Hoods | Hoppers 
Hose Hangers | Industrial Ductwork | Ladders | Louvers | Machine Bases 
Manifolds | Non-Rated Tanks & Vessels | Panels | Pipe Chases | Platforms & Frames 
Polycarbonate Tunnels | Posts | Process Equipment Components | Quality Stations 
Rollers | Safety Guards | Security Bars | Shelves | Signs | Sinks 
Sleeves | Slide Gates | S/S Sanitary Piping | Spray Driers 
Support Frames | Stairs | Stands | Steel Structures | Strainers 
Tables | Tool Boxes | Turntables | Vacuum Chambers 
Vacuum Test Components | Wash Stations
Our team at A Andersen Industrial Sheet Metal takes great pride designing components that help companies create the goods consumers crave. Our company has played its role in the production of coffee, soda, beer, bread, cosmetics, fragrances, oils, automobiles, medicines, flavoring compounds, and many others. Whatever the industry or end-product, ASM is experienced with a variety of materials necessary to fabricate the custom-built products that bring goods to the masses.
INdustries Served
Cosmetics | Pharmaceutical | Plastics | Food & Beverage
Construction Petroleum & Oil Refineries | Design | Manufacturing
Material specialization
Stainless Steel (all grades & finishes)
Galvanized Steel | Carbon Steel
Aluminum | Brass | Copper
Titanium | Plexi-Glass | Polycarbonate
A Andersen Industrial Sheet Metal has the ability to handle each and any step of the design-to-implementation process. Whether the need is a new concept design or the improvement, modification, repair, demolition, installation (or all of the above) of current machinery, ASM will get the job done. Our versatility, high-quality, and quick turn-around have made us a reliable source of quality products for more than 100 years.
Being a small, family-owned operation based in Linden, N.J. enables A Andersen Sheet Metal to provide a personal touch unattainable by other organizations. ASM focuses on attentive, quality construction to fit our clients' needs and provides the most value for their dollar. We know that every time a product leaves the door our reputation is on the line. That's why at ASM things are made like they used to be - built to last.
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